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Corial WelcomeCORIAL is a company that designs and manufactures plasma etching and deposition systems with innovative processes dedicated to LED, OLED, MEMS and semiconductor compounds. We provide a wide range of tools based on the same mechanical, electronics and software platform. This modular approach allows a step by step investment from PECVD, RIE to highly sophisticated High Density Plasma systems with vacuum load-lock. CORIAL develops or customizes processes required for semiconductor compounds, Green IT, imaging, LEDs (PSS & GaN), OLEDs and lighting and for nanotechnologies involved in communication, energy, safety, healthcare and the environment. CORIAL also provides a real time process support via internet access to the equipment.

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Corial and Evatec have teamed together to bring the flexibility, productivity and enterprise reliability of their respective technologies, products and services to provide advanced solutions that address customers evolving needs in LED, OLED and semiconductor compounds manufacturing.

VCSEL-WS NanYa-M1-WS SiC-STM-WS PSS-GP-WS Sapphire-BGU-WS Superlattice-WS Gratings-InP-WS ZnS-CdTe-MCT-WS 9-Metal-WS Microlens-in-SiO2-WS


  • New generation of 300 mm RIE system for photomask application
    • CORIAL introduces the new generation of manually loaded 300 mm RIE system, the Corial 300S, developped for Cr etching.
    • The improved Corial 300S features a new cathode design for higher Cr etching efficiency, a new shuttle design, and a laser EPD detector.
    • The CORIAL 300S system allows to get Cr etch rate > 50 nm/min and selectivity versus PR > 3.

  • Happy 2016
    • CORIAL wishes you a Happy New Year 2016
    • The CORIAL Team will be pleased to discuss your application needs and to support you for your coming projects!

  • Improvement of dollars per lumen for LED manufacturers
    • CORIAL introduces etching processes on sapphire 6’’ wafers for GaN etching and PSS.
    • The tool of choice is the automated Corial PS200 to get highly uniform triangular PSS profile while achieving a throughput of 2.5 X 6” wafers /hour.
    • Regarding GaN, etch rates as high as 1.4 µm/min are obtained for the highest throughput available on the market while using a single wafer etcher.

    Innovative deposition process for SAW devices
    • Piezo-electric substrates are highly sensitive to temperature variation, leading to wafer breakage.
    • CORIAL addresses this application constraint with specific process and equipment for SiOF, SiO2 and SIOCH deposition enabling a tight control of substrate temperature, with smooth warm up and cool down.

  • Meet us at SEMICON Europa - October 6-8 Dresden, Germany
    • CORIAL will attend Semicon Europa 2015, the leading trade fair for the semiconductor industry in Europe.
    • Meet us on booth #1413 Get a chance to discover the latest CORIAL processes and equipment innovations.
    • Our Sales, Marketing and Technical representatives will be pleased to discuss your application needs!

§ Complete plasma etcher portfolio for lithography mask 

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